This week, we kick off our Good Friday/Easter services. This time of the year, my heart is equal parts burden and joy. I give it to God. Here is my prayer:  God, I pray for safety. I pray that your angels would be in, around and over our churches. I pray that any harm, crime or enemy would have no access, no power over YOUR House this week. God, I pray for the volunteers, pastors and staff who are, no doubt, killing it to bring the best they can to the world who is coming. God, please be with their efforts. Please, Father, add your excellence to their doings and your anointing to their words.   God, I pray for all those who have been invited or have an invite. Oh, Father, if there is any burden I have it is that they will be distracted or delayed in coming to your House for Easter. Please pave the path from where THEY are to where YOU are. Let it percolate in their minds and prick their hearts. Lead them to your House–as the Psalms say–to a Rock that is higher than themselves. Above all, this Easter, may your name be known. May your Heaven increase. May the freedom we have in you be the banner that You are the most glorious, the most High, the greatest to Love and the greatest to be loved. In your name I pray these things, Amen.

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