photoToday, I was sick in bed all day. Here’s the added glitch, we had a four-hour road trip! Do you know how hard it is to do road trips with the flu? Aye Caramba! But this post isn’t about me–it’s about the observations I made of the one around me…Raul. It was supposed to be a well-earned first day of vacation for him. Instead, he had to play nurse to me and double-up his parenting for DJ and Andy. And here’s my takeaway: he never, not once, complained. Sometimes, many times, life doesn’t go the way we had it scheduled on our electronic calendars. And that can be stressful enough. If we have a cantankerous, complaining spirit the whole time, it only exasperates things. When things don’t go our way, it’s not the least we can do to not complain…it’s  best thing we can do. Raul modeled Christ in his attitude, made the day easier on me and was a great role-model to the boys. That’s a big win. I’ll take it!

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