Thousands of years ago, David called it in Psalm 23 when he scribed, “Even though I walk through the darkest valley,” In a valley, we can’t see around us and we can’t see ahead of us. It’s a place where shadows are cast on us and thick forests entangle us. It’s life in a valley. But there are two things we must remember. One, is though we walk through the valley, we don’t live there. The operative (most hopeful!) word in Psalm 23 is “walk.” Our valley is not our dead end. And two, though we can’t see around, we can look up. “Up” is where there’s always proof of God. “Up” is where his blue skies are, his treetops grow and his sun shines. If you are in a valley, I hope these two things encourage you. P.S. Today, I looked up. And yes…saw His proof:photophoto


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