Ok let’s break it down. We all have a hero. Someone we admire. This is a good thing. But let’s make sure the heroes we admire do not become the idols that we worship. Heroes…are…human. It’s important to remember this. Because in the event that your hero fails, you won’t fall. Having kept the perspective that–they were admirable but human–will keep you in tact. Authority: the bible speaks to this. So there’s no mincing this directive. Authority is to be respected. However, one caveat is that the bible commands us to RESPECT authority…not worship it. If you feel like you are being abused by authority or if you feel like you are holding your authority up to a level in the sky where only God should be, seek counsel and pray hard. Lastly, we worship God, not people. People CAN NOT handle our worship! It is too much and I’ve seen it be the demise of wonderful people. We worship God. Period. There’s no misunderstanding this. It is, after all, the First Commandment. And not only should we understand that God is the only one meant to be worshiped, we should also make sure we don’t position ourselves for others to worship us. Admire? yes. Respect? yes. But worship? No. I hope this encourages someone today. Here are some verses to help you further: Romans 13:1-7; Exodus 20:1-4; Psalm 29:2; Acts 10:25-26; Acts 14:11-15

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