Well, it’s no secret, I’m getting up there in years. This September, I will mark four decades on this Hourglassthird rock from the sun. I’ve seen a lot (albeit, not as much as others) and I’ve been through a lot (albeit, not as much as others). In light of homeland terrorist attacks and bombs at marathons. In light of change giving some people more rights and others, less. In light of weather phenomenons, economic crises, and a whole new world called “the virtual,” if I had to answer “now how shall I live?” I’d start with these five: ย 1) Live like it’s my last day. Because it very well could be. At the end of each day, it’s always good to ask, “is there anything I need to take care of? 2) Love others like its their last day. Because it very well could be. I pray I never regret the way I ended a conversation with someone I love. 3) Don’t lay in bed worrying but fall asleep praying. God is a God of peace. And our sleep is no exception. Evil uses worry to keep us from peace but prayer keeps evil from accomplishing it. 4) At the slightest hint of jealousy, tackle it with all the spiritual tools in my arsenal. Jealousy, undetected and unstopped has led people to klll people. I want no part of jealousy. 5) In everything, know that in the end, love wins. Revenge doesn’t win. Success doesn’t win. Power doesn’t win. But love wins.

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