CBGnChurch by the Glades is not only where my family and I attend church, but it’s where my hubs and I work and where our boys attend school. We are blessed to have these 3 good reasons to be on its property 7 days a week. I don’t take this for granted. Not everybody can get into every church. Some countries won’t let you go to a Christian church.  Some Christian churches don’t want certain Christians in. And some churches have rules to keep certain unChristians out. But not this church. As sure as the sun sets on it (as captured, here) the vision of our church and the heart of our pastor is every imperfect person feel welcome–because no perfect person is allowed. When I showed up at this church I was a Christian, but I was broken in many places. They let me in, and they loved me back to good health. I hope you have a church like this–you call home–in a country like ours–where you can. But if you don’t, you are always welcome at ours.

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