Fact: we will get hurt by peomend-broken-heartple. Fact: we will need to work hard to heal from it. Fact: part of healing is opening up. Question: Who do we open up to and for how long?

Lately, I’ve wrestled with this. But after a couple of great convos with my hubs and my pastor, I wanted to share what I learned. It’s important to identify the circle of trust you can open up to when you’ve been hurt. Word of caution: be careful identifying this circle. I have been guilty of loosely-defining my “circle of trust.” If we go outside our God-appointed circles to share our pain, we end up gossiping with people who aren’t meant to be in-the-know. So who to talk to? Pray about it. God will send the right people with the right hearts to receive your pain in the right spirit. Jesus modeled this when He was in pain. At the Last Supper and the night He was betrayed, only his circle of trusted disciples were hearing about his pain and tending to him. Another thing is when we have been hurt by people, it is good to talk about it. Stuffing it down is NOT good!!! Again, read the account of Jesus’ last days. He gave us the perfect display of expressing (not stuffing) our pain. Maybe you are thinking, “But I have no one I can go to.” I have been there. And I would encourage you to go to Jesus and a Christian counselor. There is much to share about this, so tomorrow we’ll continue with Part 2. Hope this encourages someone today. God’s Best to you.

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