6a012876b36a3c970c016765b53f28970b-320wiContinuing with yesterday’s convo, Iet’s explore, “how long do I talk about my pain?” I confess, up front, that I’m trying to figure this out, myself. In my experiences, the “how long” can produce two outcomes: one desirable, one undesirable. Today, let’s look at the undesirable.  If God has healed me from the pain someone else caused, but I keep venting, wallowing and gossiping after the healing, this creates an undesirable outcome. YES, (as mentioned yesterday) we need a circle of people we can go to when we’ve been hurt. BUT YES I also need to discern when to stop. Talking about the healing beyond God’s purposes not only: 1) re-opens my wound, but 2) drains the people around me and 3) could potentially harm my witness to onlookers–who can miss the miracle of God’s healing in me because it’s eclipsed by the ongoing venting from me.  One of my fav bible guys is Nehemiah. When you read his story, you see a man in great pain from others. But Nehemiah is noteworthy because he often prayed, first, before speaking about it. And he was careful with those he vented too. And when a new-found victory was finally his (and his people), he implored them to celebrate (not wallow). Tomorrow we’ll conclude this 3-part series. I hope this gets us thinking and welcome your thoughts, as I try to figure this out myself.

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