I’ve often prayed, “God, give me eyes to see things You see.” He’s answered. And they’re not easy answers–‘cause some of the things I see, compel me to do what isn’t easy to do. About five years ago, a beggar approached me and asked for money. I showed her the inside of my purse, proving I didn’t have any. She said, “At least pray for me.” I assured her I would. I got in my car and could have hit myself with a mallet–true, I didn’t have cash, but I DID have a ton of change! Determined to find her so I could give her my change, I searched the parking lot on foot. Fruitless, I got in my car and drove around searching for her. Fruitless again. She had vanished. Frustrated and rueful, I went home.  FAST FORWARD…One day late that week, DJ (5 at the time) was smashing his little race car, the one that, “doesn’t go fast anymore. ” I motherly explained that some boys don’t have any race cars and they’d be grateful to have just one…even if it wasn’t fast. DJ and I surmissed how one day, he could maybe mail one of his race cars to one of those boys. I went back in the house.  The next morning, I noticed the mailbox’s red flag up. Curious, I went to the mailbox, upon opening it, found not one, but three race cars. DJ was too young to understand how our mail-system works. But in that moment, I understood how God worked in DJ. Folks, God will give us eyes to see people who need us to do things for Him–do them. 🙂

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