motives2“I want you to know, dear friends, that I planned many times to visit you, but I was prevented until now.” (Romans 1:13) In this verse, Paul really, really, really wanted to go to Rome, where his friends lived, so he could encourage them. Was it a wrong motive for Paul to want to go to Rome?  No.  Similarly, is it a wrong motive to relocate so you can earn a better living? to remarry? to save up for a new car?  to take a weekend off from your kids?  No. But sometimes, even when we have a good motive–from God’s perfect vantage point–He has a motive that is better.  Actually, God has a motive that is perfect.  If we go into things knowing that our good motives might bode well in exchange for God-motives, we set ourselves up in an exchange for our “goodness” to His “greatness.” But we have to be willing to surrender our good motive and be willing to wait for God to reveal His.  In Paul’s situation, the bible tells us that God’s motive for Paul’s journey led him to SIXTEEN other cities instead of just a direct route to Rome.  As a result, thousands and thousands of other people were able to be encouraged by Paul.  Today, take your good motive and pray that God make it His.  And then, when He answers, in a way most blessed for you (& most perfect by Him) thank him for your graduation: cause you just moved from good….to great!


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