P1010588I can think of two reasons why I have worn the proverbial mask: I did something wrong to someone or someone did something wrong to me.  But in both cases, I wanted to hide. We should neither hide from others when we have done them wrong nor hide from others when they’ve done us wrong. Hiding does no good. It inflames the situation and delays dealing with the inevitable. It’s better to drop the mask. When you have hurt someone, don’t avoid them. Don’t run and hide. Man up! Be confident in who you are and in God’s capability to make amends through you. And when someone has hurt you, don’t run away. Stand up right where you are (rather, where God has you) and work on whatever healing and reconciliation God lies on your heart. Eventually, DJ discovered it was easier to get around with this mask off. And in our circumstance, we’ll discover that too.

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