Click-WorthyFor you made us only a little lower than God, and you crowned us with glory and honor. You put us in charge of everything you made, giving us authority over all things.” 
Psalm 8:5-6
This Psalm is as a bandage for a torn heart, a balm for a wounded mind. God declared your worth when He created your life and delivered it to this world. And because of HIS value on you, you are worthy. 
Who needs a crown of another’s approval? Who needs a throne of another’s acceptance? 
Not you. For this passage declares that you are royalty–crowned with glory and honor. You see, our self-worth is like a gas tank. We start our life with a full tank of self-worth. 
We’re driving along in the vehicle of opportunity, and enter the insult…a fender-bender of rejection, a speeding ticket of pride, a slippery road of temptation, a hit-and-run of failure.  And with each insult, our tank of self-worth moves further from full, and closer to empty. The next thing we know, we aren’t moving anymore. We sit, idley and painfully in a marriage, job, friendship or ministry. We are stranded in the vehicle of opportunity on an empty tank of self-worth. What does God do? Does God abandon us? Does God get angry? Is God to blame? No. Certainly not!  In those moments when we find ourselves empty of self worth, God will find a way to fill up our tanks and speak to our hearts: “I only created one you, because I knew you could do it. You are worthy.

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