photoAfter school, the boys and I went to GameStop. The associate who helped us was, well, very helpful. He helped us find the closest GameStop that carried what the boys wanted, and explained how to get there, telling us it was next to Starbucks. I told him that’s perfect, because now I could get a Starbucks! To which he joked, “Hey, while you’re there, pick me up a Green Tea Lemonade!” We headed out. As we were driving, Andy revisited this whole thing– expressing to DJ and I that the associate was so nice–maybe we should get him that Starbucks. This was a defining moment. First of all, the associate was kidding. Second, those large Starbucks concoctions are expensive. Third, it would mean driving across town and driving back across town, passing our house, literally, just to make a delivery. And fourth, even if we DID take this associate up on his joking request, there’s no way people, these days, would take a beverage from complete strangers. Well, we ignored all logic and did it anyway. I asked Andy if we wanted me to take the Starbucks in to the associate. He said, “I got it, mom.” (see pic). When he got back in the car, DJ said, “Andy, do you have a tingly feeling in your belly?” Andy said, “Yep.” DJ said, “That’s how you know you did the right thing.” What did I learn? Kindness doesn’t always need brainy logic. Just a good heart.

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