Bible-007oD uoy daer rouy elbib? rof a gnol emit I t’ndid yojne gnidaer ti esauc ti saw ekil gniyrt ot daer hsilngE sdrawkcab, ti t’ndid ekam esnes.
Do you read your bible? For a long time, I didn’t enjoy reading it ’cause it was like trying to read English backwards, it didn’t make sense!

But then one day I realized I was the one losing a fight with the devil by having that logic. So I prayed about it, bought a 1-year bible & read it every day for a year.That was 14 yrs ago. I’ve been daily reading my bible every since. Pardon my elementary logic, but if we are complaining that God isn’t hearing our questions, have we tried consulting His book for answers? So many times, I’ve found the answers to my questions and encouragement to my discouragement in the bible. If you aren’t reading it and have any questions about getting started, I’d be happy to help. There are convenient bible smartphone-apps, multiple translations and easy books in the bible to get started with. Just email me at  But please give this book a chance. It’s been a life-manual for me that I’ve never, ever had one regret, consulting.

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