When Raul and I were dating, more thought it crested-porcupinewouldn’t work, than would. Raul was a principled, moral, intentional Christian; I was everything the opposite. Raul knew what he wanted & knew God was in it. I DIDN’T know what I wanted & doubted God was in it. Raul wanted a relationship; I wanted a fling. Raul wanted me to stop cussing; I wanted him to START cussing. Raul knew boundaries; I knew how to cross them. They say opposites attract. But when we were dating we had to ask, “But do extremes?!” Straight up, dating WILL have dramas, uncertainty, miscommunication & misunderstanding. SO EXPECT IT. Dating is like, well, it’s like porcupines mating—sticky, painful, awkward. But like I recently shared with a friend who’s dating, “obey God and be honest.”  God can only bless obedience & honesty. And ultimately, that’s what we all want–whether dating, single or married–is God’s blessing. Raul & I have been married 14 years. We survived our porcupine dance. So will you. 🙂

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