You’ll never make it in Florida.yelling When you get there and people learn about the real you, you’ll have to move back. You’ll never have any friends there,” and “If you go there, you’ll never reach your potential.” Unkind words from unkind friends.  That I have forgiven, but not forgotten. In the bible, Joseph said to his brothers who did harm to him, “You intended to harm me, but God intended it all for good.”  I’m thankful my “friend’s” criticism didn’t get me down. Because like Joseph, God used it for good. If their words would have “won,” I wouldn’t be in Florida. I wouldn’t be walking with God. I wouldn’t be married to Raul. There wouldn’t be a DJ and Andy Palacios in the human race.  And we could go on.  But before I’m quick to point out unkind words spoken to me, rest assured, I have spoken them to others. It’s much worse for me to think about the blog posts others could write, referencing the damning words I’ve said to them. In either case, we give it to God. We ask God to give us the power to forgive others for their unkind words and we ask God to help us be forgiven for the unkind words we’ve said.  If we let unkind words define us, that is our problem. God has never defined us by our words. He has defined us by His Word!  Which over and over tells us we are chosen, wonderfully made, forgiven and free. So today, watch what you say. Don’t let what others say define you. And make it a great day!

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