_F2I9880On my morning run, it dawned on me that this month marks 13 years since I was Baker-Acted by the state of Florida and locked up in a mental ward. To the majority (who haven’t been institutionalized) this may not seem like a logical day to commemorate. But lemme tell ya (as one who has been institutionalized) it is a day I will never forget. I hope you will take a moment to join me in this celebration…1) I give thanks that since July 2000, I have not returned to the nut-house.  This is a 13-year-and-running answer to prayer.  2) I give thanks that although I still fight battles in my mind, God has never left me alone to fight them.  3) I give thanks that Raul hasn’t been forced to stay with “crazy”–but for 14 years–he has chosen to.  4) I give thanks that God MAKES ALL THINGS NEW. At 26, I was a washed-up, tired, used, misunderstood, lifeless locked-up, burned out, unstable, stained, scarred, depressed, anxious Christian. Today at 39, I am older in years, but I’ve got brand new (mental) mercies every morning. Thanks for letting me commemorate this day. Just one little shout-out to anyone fighting the battle today: Stay on the battlefield. God is fighting for you. You have everything you need. Don’t give up. You got this. And you ARE gonna do great things.

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