Giveaway-GraphicSometimes, I like to give away books in my little library. One, because I hardly ever read a book twice, but also, if they helped me, I want to believe they can help another. Here’s a list of my give-away books. If you want to know more about the book, click on its title and it will take you to its bio. For this giveaway, we’ll do first-come-first-serve. If you would like one of these books, leave a comment to claim it AND email me your shipping address at If there are more than one who pick a certain book, I’ll go with the one who commented and emailed first. These books have helped me many-a-season, I hope they help you too!

1)  How to Win at Being a Dad by Tony Dungy

2)  Nice Girls Don’t Change the World by Lynne Hybels

3)  Help! I’m Raising my Kids While Doing Ministry by Josh Mayo

4)  When Work and Family Collide by Andy Stanley

5)  Is This All There Is to Life? by Ray C. Stedman

6)  Hung by the Tongue by Francis P. Martin

7)  God Came Near by Max Lucado

8)  Unleash by Perry Noble

9)  Leadership Axioms by Bill Hybels

10)  What Happens When Women Pray? by Evelyn Christenson

11) I Want to Teach my Kids About Values by Marcy W. Bryan

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