Who is your enemy? Maybe you don’t have one. Give thanks! And don’t take it for granted! But maybe, right now, you have one. Either you made someone your enemy or they made you theirs. These are tough seasons. Everything in you wants to fight the enemy OR get even with the enemy OR get others to align with you against the enemy OR compromise your integrity for the enemy.  A few years ago, I had an enemy. I had someone against me who hurt me as a wife, a mom, a person. And you bet, my instinct was to do everything I just mentioned above. It was a tireless, daunting full-time job to work against my instinct & do as God would do…love them. Jesus said to love your enemies. If that isn’t a seemingly obvious contradiction I don’t know what is. But it doesn’t matter if it’s a contradiction or in opposition to our human nature, God said do it. Because He’s mean? No. Because love always wins. Jesus LOVED his enemies that beat him, whipped him, slapped him, spit on him, nailed him, hung him. AND HE WAS HUMAN and had the wiring to do what instincts would do with enemies…but He didn’t. There’s an old saying, “keep your friends close & your enemies closer.” And I know why that person quoted that. But what if we gave it an addendum? Instead: keep our friends close, our enemies closer…so that they sense our love. I’ll close with this rhetorical question: what if we treated our enemies like our friends?

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