shespeaks-logoToday I had the opportunity to attend the “She Speaks” conference led by Proverbs 31 founder, Lysa Terkeusrt. Like a dog to a gushing fire-hose on a hot, humid South Florida day, I was lapping it up.  While I was waiting for the next session to begin, I saw a banner above my head that read, “She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue.” I connected the dots…this bible verse is the inspiration for this conference. And then I felt like crap because I don’t speak with wisdom always and have I EVER had faithful instruction on my tongue?! Maybe I shouldn’t be at this conference? Maybe this is a big mistake? Maybe I need to put my passion to rest? Maybe I’m the wrong girl on the wrong bus? Maybe? Maybe? And all these maybe’s blew up in my head. And then, I reconsidered the bible verse. Maybe I should give all these “maybe’s” in my head a little faithful instruction from my tongue. You know what I told them? “Shut up!” And I walked into the next session, leaving the “maybe’s” in the hallway. Whatever you are pursuing, whatever you are dreaming, whatever door God is opening, if the “Maybe’s” are invading your head, give them a little instruction from your tongue. You got this!

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