weight_scaleWeight is often a taboo topic. That being said, lets have a conversation without it being taboo. At this moment, I may not be battling a weight problem, so what can I say? Well, I can share what the bible says & I can tell you how I tackled a weight issue I used to have. Spiritually speaking, I had to come to terms with two things: 1) If Christ is in my heart, I have the fruit of the spirit in my soul. And one of those is self control. Believing and unleashing God’s self-control in me was huge! 2) My body is a temple: a house for God to hang out in. If I wouldn’t walk into church (God’s temple) smoking a joint or shot-glassing vodka, why do I let unhealthy things walk into my body–which is also a temple? And practically speaking, I stopped drinking soda, committed to one dessert a day (I have a major sweet-tooth), cut ALL fast-food, increased protein, decreased carbs and exercised six days a week. I know I’m not an expert, so I’ll close with simply this: you are wonderful and you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. Maybe we can’t, but in Jesus, we CAN!

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