semi-fowlers-cotThe darkest day of my life was July 18, 2000, when I was locked up in a psych ward. Policy mandated they strip me of everything. Well, except for my socks, they let me keep those. But they took all my personal belongings, they took Raul, they took the clothes off my back. And the environment took my dignity. It was me, my socks, and a cell. Where does one go from there? With Jesus, you go up. People can take alot of things from us, but nobody can take Jesus from a heart. That’s His house and He fiercely protects it. As I laid there, on this communion-wafer of a cot, the enemy called me alot of things, but God called me significant (Jeremiah 29:11, Psalm 139: 14) And that night, I let this fill me. To Him, I still had a name, a face, a purpose. God wasn’t finished with me yet, and He was still preserving my life. And right now, if you have a pulse in your wrist–He’s still preserving yours. On the darkest day of your life, with Jesus in your heart, its still a brighter day.
I hope this encourages someone today.

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