CBGnToday I had the opportunity to pray with a few people after our church services. This can be a little scary because I don’t get to prepare for these scenarios. But that’s what makes God real.  As I am listening to people with my ears, I am praying to God in my heart.  God doesn’t have to “hear” from you to know how He can help you. I am SO NOT an expert to talk to the hurting, the marginalized, the addicted. But I have been hurt. I have been marginalized. I have been addicted. And I stand to testify that only God has brought me through. So God’s Spirit in my gut partners with the experiences in my past, and together, work to help me pray with others. As you embark on a new week, if God puts someone in your path who needs your ear…lend it. They may be moments away from breaking, but because you listened with your ears and prayed in your heart, they may be moments away from being rescued.

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