indexDo you have a secret? A secret that needs to come out, will keep you up at night. It will preoccupy your conscience during the day. A secret that needs to be revealed will make you feel “icky” on the inside. Something won’t feel right in your heart–or your stomach. A secret has a way of telling us that we will be able to fix it ourselves—when in reality—we need someone to help us with it. A secret is kept in the dark–a confession ushers us out of it. Secrets have a way of helping us “get away with it” in public, but we aren’t getting away with it in private. The antidote to a secret is a confession. Will there be consequence? Perhaps. But the biggest relief in turning a secret into a confession is God taking away the prison the secret has kept you in. It’s being set free, walking without chains, and no longer being hostage to satan. If there’s a secret that needs to be confessed, there’s a freedom that awaits you. I hope this encourages someone today.

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