Dear God,  there are many people you put in our lives so that we are not alone.  There are many blessings you give us and we stand in awe.  There are many prayers you answer and we are grateful.  There are things you did that we didn’t notice and we are relieved.  There are things you didn’t do, that we thought you would, yet we are still faithful.  God, we’re just sheep moving in one direction, at different paces.  But you keep pace with each of us, making sure we make it.  Maybe we’ve fallen behind or fallen down, but you didn’t leave us there.  Maybe we caused another lamb to stumble, but you were there to pick both lambs up.  Maybe we followed a lamb down the wrong path, but you desired to put both lambs back in the right direction.  We want to make you happy, Shepherd. We aren’t bad sheep, we’re just desperate, dependent and sometimes dumb. But we need you.  This note’s for you, Lord. Beyond words, the flock

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