Manicure-at-Studio-M-Salon-and-SpaSo I got a manicure today by an elderly Vietnamese woman. She was so kind. Despite the language barrier, we had good convo.  Toward the end, she told me how proud she was of this woman who works in the Pentagon. Not-really-caring, but not wanting to be impolite, I replied “Yes,” when she asked if I’d like to “see” her. Next thing you know, she whips out her iPad, goes to YouTube and pulls up an award-ceremony. We were done with the manicure, when I saw this video was going to be 8 minutes long. Again, not wanting to be rude, I watched. Mid-viewing, she turned it up louder–I think she really wanted to make sure I captured this. Anyway, long story, short, she wanted me to see a Vietnamese woman being recognized by the U.S. Pentagon for an amazing fête of developing an U.S. bomb-device for our war in Afghanistan. [I learned] this would normally take 6-10 years to develop. However, under the leadership of this Vietnamese woman, her team got it done in 67 days. After I finished watching, she humbly told me how proud she was of this woman. She shared that her whole country is proud of her. I thought about this all day, asking, “How proud am I of the hero in my life?” Jesus has done EVERYTHING for me. Before I was born, while I was being brought into existence and all the way up to me typing this post. Would I let someone leave me without telling them how proud I am of Jesus? Would I pull up a video on my YouTube so that I could “show” how great Jesus? It was cool when I left because I was able to give her an invite to Church by the Glades. But little did she know, she gave me something too. I hope this inspires someone today.

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