lambindexHe makes me lie down in green pastures.  (Psalm 23:2)  Lie down? Why not sit down?  Why not lean up against a tree?  Why did God tell David to lie down?  To help, let’s look at Isaiah 14:30,  “The poorest of the poor will find pasture, and the NEEDY will LIE DOWN in safety.”  Key word: Safety.  It is safe to lie down.  When we sitting up or standing we are targets for assault or activity.  When we lie down, we are still.
 When we are still, God can speak; when God speaks, we can hear Him.  Another operative word in Psalm 23:2 is, “makes.”  Here, God is telling us, “Do it.” Let’s consider what God did not say:  he did not say, “I’ll suggest,” “studies show,” “perhaps you should,” “if you want, you can.”  In this Psalm of comfort, God says I will make you lie down.  Do you know how a shepherd would sometimes make a lamb lie down if it kept running away, thereby, not resting? The shepherd would break the lamb’s leg.  From experience of running away and not resting, I can testify that if we don’t take time to have balance and rest, God can step in and make us. Because He’s mean? No. Because he loves us too much to let us run away.

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