hello-my-name-is-inam-name-tag-tee.anvil-unisex-value-fitted-tee.white.w760h760If I could get a tattoo, which will never happen because I hate needles, I’d get a tat of “INAM,” an acronym for “It’s Not About Me.” It’s not about me because if left to my own devices, then it would ALWAYS be about me. Like Pastor David says, “Me, me, me, I always have me on my mind.” So how do we reverse the carnal, instinct to make it not be about us? During this first half-century of my life, I’ve learned a few ways how… 1) Be OK with doing without anyone noticing. How can you and I anonymously bless someone? Like truly doing something for another that we don’t tweet about, don’t tell anyone, don’t #HumbleBrag it? Like, truly do what nobody saw us do? This is good INAM. 2) Encourage people without ceasing. There is ALWAYS someone to encourage. When we are encouraging others, we aren’t busy praising ourselves. This is also good INAM. 3) Lastly, try to remind ourselves that until it is not about Jesus, it’s not about me. Which basically means…never. This is good INAM to remember. There is so much to discuss about this, that I might have to make tomorrow’s post be Part-2! But ’til then, I hope someone is encouraged to know that if it’s not about us, it’s more about God. And God is a good thing to be more about. ๐Ÿ™‚

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