Over the course of my 39 years on this 3rd rock from the sun, I have had many chances to quit. And I have reasons for all of them–for why I didn’t. But there is one reason I hadn’t thought of until tonight: we can’t quit because someone else will. Yes, there are those who quit on their marriages, quit on their parenting, quit on their jobs, quit on their mission. And if all of us quit, all at the same time, for all the same justifications–the world would stop running. Let the quitters, quit. But you stay. You stand back up again. You get out of bed. You fight back. You come back. Someone needs you because someone else quit on them. Be the NON-quitter in someone’s life who God needs you to be. Your God, inside your weary heart is a Comeback-King. If he didn’t let death quit on him, He’s not gonna let life quit on you. I hope this encourages someone today!

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