I remember when I was 16 I came home late from a night of partying. I went into the bathroom, locked the door & sat there, ticked off & totally overwhelmed.  I mean, how was I suppose to maintain my freedom in Christ, at the same time, indulge in the freedoms of partying?  In my immaturity, I guess I saw myself as having to make a choice – so I prayed. I actually asked God to leave my heart – I told him I didn’t want to be a Christian anymore. Thankfully, God will never answer that prayer with us.  He promises He will never leave us & because He’s God, He’s incapable of breaking that promise. In Matthew 18:12-14, Jesus talked about a shepherd who has 100 sheep & one wanders off. The shepherd leaves the 99 just to rescue that one. You see, it’s a lamb’s nature to get lost, but its Gods nature to get the lamb back. I am here today because God rescued me when I got lost. Sometimes I wonder why.  “Was I that important to you, God?” But in God’s die-hard love for every, single lamb–every lamb is worth rescuing, no lamb is worth leaving. When I was 16, I thought freedom was at the party.  But its not. Freedom outside of God’s pasture is chancy & fleeting. Freedom with God in His pasture is unconditional & endless & you don’t have to go looking for it, its right where you are.



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