454-SConsiderations for Smiling:

  • Does it ever cross your mind that the Wal-Mart logo is a smiley face who lowers prices?
  • Why is it when children draw their first picture, it’s often a smiling stick-figure?
  • Did you ever notice that when Barney talks serious, he’s still smiling?
  • I bet a Starbucks barista who smiles gets more tips than a barista who frowns.
  • Teachers grade good papers with….smiley-face stickers!
  • I wonder why a smile creates a crescent shape, pointing up?  And a cross mouth creates a crescent shape, pointing down. (consider Whom you serve Who lives up)
  • Technology has proven that developing babies, in their mommy’s womb, smile
  • Words need translation, accents need clarification, but worldwide, smiling requires neither

Admittedly, this is an amateur case for smiling.  But perhaps compelling enough to have us consider it.  In Job 29:24, Job said, “When they were discouraged, I smiled at them. My look of approval was precious to them.”  People around him had the southerly crescent-shaped mouth! So he smiled at them. Some things haven’t changed.  We still live in a world where there are lots of frowns.  But if we have hearts filled with God’s love, shouldn’t we have mouths filled with smiles? Just something to consider, as you put on your smile today. 🙂

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