There are lots of books on friendship (of which I honestly haven’t read many). But today, I was thinking about two ways I can be a good friend. I’m sure Oprah, Dr. Phil and the like have a myriad of ways. Which is great! But today I could only think of two…

1) Hold your friends in an open palm, not a clenched fist. That way, when they (or you) move on, it’s less painful.  Friendships should be gently handled, not possessively gripped. We know life is full of change, be OK with friendship being part of that.

2) When your friend comes to you for encouragement, don’t retort with allllllllllll your problems. Your friend will feel like what he/she is going through isn’t as bad as what you’re going through. That’s called “one-up’ing.”  DO share from your experiences (that’s called wisdom) but don’t share so much, and for so long, that they walk away feeling unheard, discouraged or one-up’ed.  I try to take my drama UP (to God, a pastor, a counselor) and less of OUT to people around me.

That’s all! Hope this encourages someone today. Thanks for driving by.

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