When Raul and I dated, more thought it wouldn’t work, than would. Raul was a principled, moral, intentional Christian; I was all the opposite. Raul knew what he wanted and knew God was in it. I DIDN’T know what I wanted and questioned if God was in it. Raul wanted a relationship; I wanted a fling. Raul wanted me to stop cussing; I wanted him to START cussing. Raul knew boundaries; I knew how to cross them. They say opposites attract. But when we were dating I had to ask, “But do extremes attract?!” Straight up, dating WILL have uncertainty, miscommunication and misunderstanding. Dating is like, well, it’s like porcupine-dancing: sticky, painful, awkward. Sometimes porcupine-dancing can lead to a lifelong porcupine-ship. Other times, we have to let go and search for another porcupine. But no matter what our dating-status, if we O-bey God, it will be O-kay. God’s best (aka blessing) comes from obedience. You ask, “How do I learn to obey?” Read God’s Book. It’s never steered an obedient porcupine, wrong. Whether dating, single or married, strive to obey God and you will have God’s best for you. Raul and I have been married like 13 or 14 years. We survived our porcupine dance. So will you.

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