imageOn Sundays, Raul and I are gone all day, so we always arrange for a sitter to come and do fun things with the boys. This has pretty much been the routine for all 11 years of DJ’s life. Until this morning. When he got up early, while I was getting ready, and asked if he could go with me. This was an odd request. He explained that he wanted to volunteer in our children’s ministry. The brakes in the mental vehicle of my mind came to a screeching halt. “You wanna what!!?!?” But I didn’t say that. The good Lord gave me the right words with the right ‘matter of fact’ expression, to say, “Of course, DJ.” When I was 11, I wasn’t asking to volunteer anywhere, definitely not church.  And sadly, I was often asking if I could skip church. So today was a great moment. Through DJs request, I saw the goodness of the Lord. That just because we come from a lineage of one way, doesn’t mean it always has to be that way. I give God all thanks that by His grace, he might use Raul and I to begin a new lineage. One that loves to BE in The House…and serve in it, too. I would also like to thank a handful of the leaders in DJs life: Pastor Chris, Sally, Olivia, Stan and Miss Stephanie. You helped make today a memory AND a new day in our legacy.

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