photo“And God made the two great lights–the greater light (the sun) to rule the day, Genesis 1:16.  The sun has incomprehensible statistics:  it is approximately 330,000 times bigger than our home planet; its surface temperature is 10,000 degrees; it’s like 93 million miles away from your living room recliner.  But as incomprehensible as the sun is, it still has an approachable side, because God made it. I love it when God’s sun shines on me. Though I don’t see God face to face, though God doesn’t call my cell to chat, I can step outside and feel his presence on my face. Recently, as I was jogging, I had burdens & stresses on my mind. But I could not escape the fact that every street I ran, every corner I turned, I could feel the sun. The sun went with me everywhere, as if God summons it to remind us that He IS everywhere. If you are discouraged or burdened, I’d say find the sun. Even if it briefly peeks through the clouds and casts itself onto your windshield–be reassured that God is near. The sun is not a cosmic mystery. God made it, and God made us. And though we worship God only, the sun is a daily reminder of His proximity and guarantee on you and me.

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