Go-ButtonJesus didn’t have to GO anywhere & volunteer. He wanted to!  Jesus didn’t have to GO from Heaven to Earth.  Jesus didn’t have to GO to the cross. Jesus didn’t volunteer from a seat, Jesus volunteered from His feet! His feet walked out of heaven & into Mary’s womb. His feet walked along the road with a cross on his back. His feet got up from the table and walked to each of his disciples to wash their feet. We can’t volunteer from where we are seated. Hurting people can’t walk to us. Scared people are too paralyzed to move. Angry people refuse to. We volunteer by going to others.  All the opportunities we have to volunteer aren’t meant to be done from a seated position. When we get up and GO to the need, we show God we are serious, we show others we care. Jesus was so serious about the go-factor that he made it his very last words before ascending to heaven. He said, “GO and make disciples of all the nations,” (Matthew 28:19) His very last words spoken on Earth where to GO! I don’t know what you are doing, but I hope you know the action of going & volunteering. Just like Jesus.

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