open_micLove is a very interesting thing. It has so many facets. One that I would like to take on today is loving people when you don’t know the whole story. But I preempt this by clarifying that I am expressing this OFF of any proverbial soap box. Over the last couple of years, I’ve had a handful of bold people private-message me on Facebook with the intent to “vent.” If I zoom out on their collective messages, the one conclusion I’d have is they think I have it so good. Maybe I them, anyway. But I know that in my private life and in my private prayers, I’m battling things and my loved ones are battling things that would hardly qualify as “having it good.” I don’t shun people who feel the need to vent to me. It comes with the territory of the call. However, one takeaway I have (for myself, at least) is: who people are in public isn’t necessarily indicative of what they’re dealing with in private. And Jesus would say: love them.  I believe he exhorted us to love ourselves, love our neighbors, love our enemies. In my summation, that would mean loving people you know on a private-basis and who you know only on a public-basis. I don’ t know which one you are, but according to Jesus, it doesn’t mater. All the way around, let’s love. In the end, love wins.

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