photoUnbeknownst to me, instead of DJ eating his cheeseburger, he was making faces with it. Normally this would warrant a “talking to” but since it inspired a blog post, he’ll get away with it. When I was in high-school & college, I was mean.  I justified it by saying, “it’s just the way I am.” When I was in my 20s and 30s, I softened a little–I learned to curb verbal outbursts, but still spoke volumes through mean facial expressions. And then, one day, the table turned. In a united assault, I had three people be mean to me. It was ugly and painful, and with a fragility for mental illness, spiraled me into depression.  This year, I entered a new decade and I hope to leave mean actions, mean words & a mean heart behind. I’ve wasted almost half a life being mean & learning from the pain of it. I hope the other half of my life is about being kind, so that one day, someone might be able to say, “she started mean, but finished kind.” If you have the propensity to be mean, don’t accept that. God didn’t make you that way. We lie to ourselves when we say “it’s just the way I am.” God is kind. We are made in God’s image. So WE can be kind. Kindness IS a virtue that God has put in you. Sometimes, some of us just need a lil’ extra help unleashing it.

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