Photo-courtesy-of-Cindi-AlbrightFlickrSometimes we are so downcast by the cloud above our head that we miss the panorama of the sun and sky beyond it.  Yes, all of us have a cloud above our head. For some, it is dark, ominous and even dangerous. For others, it is merely a thin cloud passing through.  But we all have something. However, we all have something above our cloud too–God, the sun, the sky, the Heavens. We all have something to be thankful for. If I had no shelter, no food, no friends, but I had God, I’d have everything I need, thus, something to be thankful for. Sometimes, one of the best therapies I’ve had in the middle of ominous clouds of depression is to make myself find something I am thankful for, for every letter of the alphabet.  It isn’t always easy. But I wouldn’t know unless I tried. I’ll give it a shot, and maybe you can try, too.  A – Andy Palacios; B – Blogging; C – Church by the Glades; D – DJ Palacios; E – Encouragement; F – Freedom; G – Glades Christian Academy; H – the Hughes; I – Ice Cream; J – Journaling; K – Keurig; L – Lambs; M – Magnolias; N – Newspaper; O – Otis; P – Pie; Q – Quiet moments; R – Raul;  S – Sunrises, Sunsets; T – Tropical Trees; U – United States; V – Victories; W – Workouts; X – healthy X-rays; Y – YouVersion; Z – Zoos

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