imageChristmas is a time for hurried feet. Speaking of feet, the bible says beautiful are the feet of Messengers who carry Good News.  Every where you go, every place you rush to, there is someone you run into who needs to experience the love of God this Christmas.  The question is never, “are my feet capable?” because they are, they’re running marathons all over the place. The question is, “is my heart willing?” My conviction is that I not hurry so much that I RUN AWAY from a person who needs a Church by the Glades Christmas invite.  I keep these cards in my purse, in my wallet and in my car. And can I tell you something? I’ve never had someone reject it. OK, maybe they throw them away when I walk away. But hey, I had the privilege of being “the beautiful feet of a messenger.”  
You know there are countries where I could be beheaded If I got caught doing this? But in America, I have nothing to lose. But what do others have to do lose if I am not a messenger to them? ETERNITY. Now if you’re new to this, just hand a person an invite whenever they hand you a receipt. Or leave it wherever you go…gas station pump, Starbucks counter, public restroom. Remember, “How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of the messenger who brings good news,” (Isaiah 52:7) This Christmas, be beautiful feet to a hurting world and invite them to church for Christmas!

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