image A few Christmas’s ago, we went to Sea World for “Dine with Shamu.” While Raul took DJ to the bathroom, Shamu jumped up right by our table & scared the poop out of me. I still can’t believe I captured this pic. In Genesis, God says He made the big animals that live in the sea. “But why was this one not in it?” I thought to myself. The emcee assured us that this space is the best place for this injured whale. 13 years ago, I was taken out of my big world (and for my safety) put in a psych ward. Sometimes, the world we’re meant to live in, we hurt ourselves in, and we’re too sick to notice. As crazy as it may sound, I’m thankful God took me out of my big world & put me in a smaller, safer space. It was there that my mental “prison” began to fade and my true freedom began…”God, you always know where we need to be. Thank you for safer places.”

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