You know what I realized about the old phones? Due to the rotary dialing, it took much longer to connect. Today, I’d find this very lame and inconvenient. But in a odd way maybe it was better? Back then, the time it would take to dial the digits and get connected, was a good amount of time to let you gather your thoughts before speaking. The rotary phone actually lended itself to patience, thought and even prayer. When I can’t hear God, do you think it’s cause I am expecting cell-phone service out of Him? Do you think God’s still running the universe His original way? That maybe He spins the globe on a less-urgent, more-graceful pace? And that it’s not that He can’t respond to me, it’s just that He’s waiting on the other end of a rotary phone, while I’m trying to speed-dial Him on a cell? God said in Ecclesiastes, “there is a time for everything.” I desire to be patient and prayerful as I wait for him on the other line.

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