imageI’m writing this in a somewhat impatient state as I sit in terminal C18 waiting for our two-hour delay to come to an end. The end of a year and the entry of a new one is always a good time to do two things: reflect on what you did and dream on what you can do. In 2013, I did a lot of online stuff. Sheepishly, I’ll also confess that I probably did more than I needed to. The online world is a wonderful world, but it isn’t the only world. As I reflect on how many hours I spent with my head looking down on an online device, I’d be remiss if I didn’t ask, “Did I spend enough time looking up?” “Did my kids have enough of my eye contact?” “Did strangers who God put in my path go unnoticed because I was only noticing WiFi?” Tomorrow I will post about the other half of the aforementioned–dreams for 2014. But today I will close with a Note-to-Self: “Heather, don’t be so involved with the world online that you miss the world I have put in front of you. Those people need to know my love, too. Love, God”

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