child_prayingWhen DJ was 3 years old, I got an unexpected answer from him.  One day, driving home, he asked me to roll down his window. “Why, DJ?” I asked. He said, “Because I have to tell Jesus something.”  So I rolled down his window. (Naturally, I redirected my “mommy satellite dishes” to the back seat and tuned in). Talking out the window, DJ told Jesus he was sorry for throwing goldfish crackers and asked Jesus to help his tummy feel better. And that was that. And I rolled up his window.  If I’d sum up “how to talk to Jesus?” in one word I’d say: H-O-N-E-S-T-L-Y.  You say you’re too guilty to talk to Him, honestly? You say you’re tired of trying to find the profound way to pray it?  You say you’re too “deep” for simple, honest prayers? Jesus would say, “let the children come to me.” The only way a child can come to Jesus is simply and honestly. I may be old, but compared to my Heavenly Dad, I’m a child. And I am relieved that I can talk to him simply and honestly. Just like DJ.


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