It is only eight words. StandingStill.preview
It requires only one action.
It includes only two people.
It is Psalm 46:10: Be-Still-And-Know-That-I-Am-God
The action? Be still. It literally means, “take your hands off, relax.” In Hebrew, it means, “Enough!” To be still and to know means, “Enough! Just acknowledge!” Yet in the midst of trial, it is often the last thing we do. Instead, we take action like: panic, become addicted to something, take it out on others, quit, runaway or ignore it. If you are in a trial right now, pray something like this, “God, please help me to be still in this. And please help me to know that when life falls off the edge, you are still on your throne. I declare my dependence on you. Amen.” If you are still, God can move. God can move around you, through you and for you.  Furthermore, this verse includes two people. You and your team? You and your Facebook following? You and your kids? You and your pet? No. You and God.  So whether you are a celebrity with a squillion fans or you are rejected and alone, you are in the best company to persevere if you acknowledge that the only two people it will require is you and Him. I hope this encourages someone. Have a good day and take time to be still in it.

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