I am a huge advocate for Christian counseling. I would dare say that everybody, at some point, needs it. I first saw a counselor when I was 8 years old, after my grandma turned over a disturbing letter I had written her. Over the last three decades, I’ve had no shame in stating that I’ve needed counseling for other things. There are people who need counseling but don’t want to get it. I suppose they’re afraid. Afraid of anyone finding out. Afraid of having to dig up stuff they’ve been able to bury. Afraid of what it might cost, financially. Afraid of it not working. Those are valid fears! I’ve wrestled with those fears too. But here’s the dealio–I don’t want to stay sick. When I’m physically sick, I go to a doctor because I want to get better. And the same logic applies to when I’ve been mentally, relationally or emotionally sick. I go to a counselor because I want to get better. So who should go to a Christian counselor? Anyone who has crap in their past, pain in their present or fear about their future.  I’ll end by saying there are more reasons to get Christian counseling than excuses not to. You WIN when you do. I hope this encourages someone today.

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