out-of-the-darkWho we are when no one is watching is just as much as who we are when everyone is. Sometimes we act as if the things we do in the dark we do in private. Well, it’s sort of like that. Who we are (or what we do) in the dark is hidden from people, but it’s very visible to God. That’s why we sometimes feel bad inside. Because in the depth our soul, we know the Dad who created us, saw us. And the bible says nothing is hidden from Him. Is God a killjoy? No.  When DJ was little and tried to sneak out of his bed at night, did I punish him because I’m a killjoy and didn’t want him to have playful, nighttime joyrides? Not at all. I corrected that “private” behavior because I love him and I didn’t want him to get hurt with what he was doing in the dark.  God wouldn’t be God [he would be human] if his sight was limited with humanity. God sees all, hears all, knows all. And God loves you anyway. If who you are in the dark isn’t making you feel good about who you are, give it to God. Confess, pray, cry, vent, talk to God and find a pastor or counselor to begin to heal. You were meant to be awesome and you are never too old to start new.

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