leftoutThe thing that breaks my heart the most is rejection. Probably because I endured a lot of it growing up. If you are feeling left out, this is for you:  Jesus didn’t get to be on the panel;  Jesus didn’t get to be nominated;  Jesus didn’t get to be treated like VIP;  Jesus didn’t get to be popular by the popular. Jesus was here to be rejected by man, fulfill his purpose for God and be faithful to the end. And because Jesus did, He DID get to conquer the grave; He DID get to make the biggest kingdom-difference; He DID get to fulfill His eternal potential; He DID get raised to life and return to Heaven where He will never die again! And you are made in HIS image. So when you get passed by, looked over, rejected or misunderstood, just remember the things that Jesus DID get to do. And let that be the fire that ignites you to keep doing what you’re doing. You might have to go at it, alone, but you ARE gonna do great things. I hope this encourages someone today.

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