photoThis week, I got to hang with young-gun Courtney Cross. She’s on staff at South Biscayne Church and does a fantastic job of planning and executing the weekend services with SBC’s team.  OK, now Courtney is like half my age. Hello! But I was blown away at the LeadHership-chops this girl has. In just ONE dinner, I gleaned 3 things from her that any of us can do to be great leaders and leadHers. Lemme break it down…1) PUT yourself AROUND diverse thinkers. Courtney asked me if our team could maybe grab dinner with her team. This positioned her to be around people who are older than her, different gender than her, different ethnicity than her and in different stages of life than her. Brilliant! 2) ASK QUESTIONS. Here’s the dealio: smart leaders aren’t afraid to ask dumb questions. Courtney was good at being confident in the questions she asked.  And her questions came across well-intended and well thought-out. Asking questions helps you as an aspiring leader to LEARN. It also has the added benefit of encouraging the “older ones” you’re asking that their life experiences haven’t been in vain. Lastly, Courtney asked a couple of people on her team to be at the table with us who have similar roles, so that they could grow in their leadership, too. Love! Don’t be a knowledge-hog. Be a leader who shares the table.  So if you’re a young-gun in leadership or leadHership, do these 3 things, and watch out, ’cause you WILL do GREAT things! BOOM!

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