Confession: I have been a drama-mama. The following is my journey from Drama Mama to Recovering Drama Mama. I hope this encourages someone today. Drama-Mama-Heather made a bigger deal out of the crisis than was needed. She told more people than cared or needed to know. She wasn’t always responsible for the trials, but she was responsible for the drama added to it. She stunted her potential because her drama delayed her progress.  Recovering-Drama-Mama-Heather makes an ordeal out of a crisis with God first. She proceeds to tell only a few, who will care, who will empathize, who will pray. She expects a speedy recovery. She stays quieter because she doesn’t want to miss God’s whisper.

Here’s the deal, NOBODY has endured a greater trial than Jesus but He forged through it without drama. Before his brutal, humiliating execution on a cross for all of mankind, He CHOSE to: 1) go to God first 2) tell only a few 3) not expect everyone to understand 4) give it all to God. If you are struggling with drama, take some time to study Matthew 26, and let God fill you with the same things He filled His Son with to endure the trial without the drama and experience major victory!

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